Otis Taylor, “Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs” (2009)

1. Looking for Some Heat
2. Sunday Morning
3. Silver Dollar on My Head
4. Lost My Guitar
5. I’m Not Mysterious
6. Young Girl Down the Street
7. Country Boy, Girl
8. Talking About It Blues
9. Walk on Water
10. Mama’s Best Friend
11. Maybe Yeah
12. Dagger by My Side
13. If You Hope

performance credits
Otis Taylor
James Michael Taylor
Jonn Richardson
Tarus Mateen
Harry Tuft
Nasheet Waits
Jason Moran
Cassie Taylor
Brian Juan
production credits
Matt Sandoski
Mike Yach
David Glasser
Otis Taylor

writing credits
Otis Taylor

artwork credits
Len Irish
Carol Taylor

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