Otis Taylor, “Clovis People Vol. 3” (2010)

1. Rain So Hard
2. Little Willie
3. Lee And Arnez
4. It’s Done Happened Again
5. Past Times
6. She’s Ice In the Desert
7. Hands On Your Stomach
8. Harry, Turn the Music Up
9. Ain’t No Cowgirl
10. Babies Don’t Lie
11. Coffee Woman
12. Think I Won’t
performance credits
Otis Taylor
Cassie Taylor
Ron Miles
Valerie Franzese
Larry Thomson
Jon Paul Johnson
Gary Moore
Anne Harris
Brian Juan
Fara Tolno
Pete Wernick
production credits
Matt Sandoski
Mike Yach
David Glasser
Otis Taylor

writing credits
Otis Taylor

artwork credits
Len Irish
David Raccuglia
Steven Collector
David Levine Design

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