BRJ 2018

I was a musician first. I moved to Colorado from New Jersey after wrapping up an English degree that I was convinced would make me a better songwriter. I came here with a band, but after a couple of years I was out (creative differences) and they had moved back east without me. This was probably twenty bands ago – notable highlights since then include some modest success with a latin jam band that toured the country in an RV (though my Salsa dancing skills remain to this day questionable at best) and a smaller band of music industry black sheep who dressed in robot costumes and cursed a lot (and left behind a legacy of some of the most criminally under-watched videos in youtube history).  

Becoming a father sounded easy after being on the road, and when Jade was born I settled into a dueling piano bar, roasting bachelorettes and birthday boys between pop song singalongs and raucous fits of getting people to promise they would never, ever stop believing.

In 2007 I got a call from my boss. “Don’t come in today, we’re installing a mechanical bull. Do you want to buy the pianos?” I did not. I took a long hard look in the mirror and a few deep breaths and started chemistry class at the University of Colorado.

I was always going to be a doctor. My father was a general practitioner whose small town clinic was under my bedroom in our North Jersey split level. I’ve become more and more fascinated with medicine, a living, breathing, intimidating, and gratifying amalgam of knowledge, people skills, stewardship, and clinical acumen that comprise the art of being a physician. I’m board certified in Family Medicine and practice in Westminster, Colorado. I sincerely love my job.

I currently play in Colorado and the west with The Samples, Otis Taylor Band, and Manotaur. I’ve got shows coming up to plug and albums on the way, including my unfinished solo album (it’s a game changer and a magnum opus).

I’m raising a blended family in the suburbs with my wife. There are dogs, there are guinea pigs (for now), there is a lizard. There are stepsons who sensed the differences between the new movies and the prequels the way Obi Wan sensed a disturbance in the force. There is a teenage daughter, and apparently high school is not going to be a problem (or I am totally clueless).  I exercise.  I try to eat right.  I cried 3 times during Avengers:  Endgame.  I can camp as long as there’s wifi.

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Push Bomber
Bespin V
Wurly Troopers
Solin-A Wing
Moog One
Jupiter Station