My youtube channel (daughter’s friend: “you have a you tube channel?”) features playlists of videos from my medical residency and the band Sonar, as well as some old solo demos and more to come.

Live with Otis Taylor at the Trance Blues Festival, E-Town Hall in Boulder Colorado, Nov 11 2017.

Manotaur, the Official Video for “Novel Idea” from debut album “Channeling the Wizard.”  I did not join the band in time to be on the album.  I did make it in time to be in this video shoot.

Sonar, “Live” from Salt Lake City on New Years’ Eve 2000.  We were told that if we ever got a chance to do live TV again – IF – we should consider playing our instruments.  We considered it.  Then we lip synced but had big masks covering our mouths.  I recently caught up with the band.  No one regrets a thing.

“Review of Systems”  Intern year, 2015, learning how to do a focused medical interview.  Music by Chromeo.