Fear of Posting

Really internet – you are amazing.  There is a staggering amount of talent posting online every day; it’s almost enough to make a man keep his head down doing doctor things.

Instead I’m facing my fear of posting head on and putting this out there.  Getting really excited about not forgetting the words to the second verse and flubbing the left hand?  It’s in there.  Barely keeping it together during the solo, debatably rescued by the thump of a kick drum click track?  Check.  Making it look like I meant to do it?  Maybe.

This recording was plagued by July Colorado heat, a distinct lack of central air, minimal experience with recording in general, tempo struggles, and terror.  It was rescued by the UA Arrow audio interface, solid mics that are older than my child (earthworks Z30X and soundelux u195), a church-bought Baldwin baby grand in mono, some risks that panned out, and sheer nervous energy.

Until today I basically have not been in the habit of sharing or doing much in the music recording arena – and I am making a midyear’s resolution to get a little annoying about it.  More is on the way!

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