MJ12, “The Secret Life of Ester Stevens” (1995)

1. Prologue
2. Killer Outside
3. Blood
4. Old Mill

5. Rise
6. Turned to Rust

7. New Cause America
8. Eat My Spirit
9. Meg
10. The Truth About Mary
11. Say Goodbye
12. Epilogue

performance credits
Steve Messina
Steve Holley
John Abbey
Doug Petty
John Carey
Brian Juan
Gordon Davies
Mila Drumke
Brad Naylor
Michael Gasparovic
Christine Cerro
Gretchen Leri
Gabriel Desanctis
Doug Ford
Dick Caseli
Mark Pratt
Bill Egan

production credits
Gordon Davies
Steve Messina

writing credits
Steve Messina

artwork credits
Leon Hertson

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