Otis Taylor, “Otis Taylor’s Banjo…” (2023)

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1. 1964
2. Write A Book About It
3. See My Face
4. Travel Guide
5. 12 feet Under
6. Little Willie
7. Nasty Letter
8. Resurrection Blues
9. Hit From The Left
10. American Dime
11. Live Your Life

Otis Taylor- vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, banjo
J.P. Johnson- lead guitar
Nick Amodeo- bass, mandolin
Brian Juan- organ
Chuck Louden- drums
Brian Juan- Moog, piano
Beth Rosbach- cello
Joseph Howe- cello
Jay Elliott- recording and mix engineer
David Glasser- mastering engineer
Otis Taylor- producer
Joe Kessler- associate producer
Jessica Carson- executive producer

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