Otis Taylor, “Contraband” (2012)

1. The Devil’s Gonna Lie
2. Yell Your Name
3. Look to The Side
4. Romans Had Their Way
5. Blind Piano Teacher
6. Banjo Boogie Blues
7. 2 or 3 Times
8. Contraband Blues
9. Lay On My Delta Bed
10. Your 10 Dollar Bill
11. Open These Bars
12. Yellow Car, Yellow Dog
13. Never Been to Africa
14. I Can See You’re Lying

performance credits
Otis Taylor
Cassie Taylor
Larry Thomson
Anne Harris
Jon Paul Johnson
Chuck Campbell
Ron Miles
Todd Edmunds
Brian Juan
Fara Tolno
Sheryl Renee
Carl Carwell
Shelly Lindsey
Shiva Maxey
Mindy Sterling
William “Skippy D” Lynch
Peachie O’Dell
De Thomas
Melody Prentice
CoCo Brown
Geoff Meyer
production credits
Mike Yach
David Glasser
Otis Taylor

writing credits
Otis Taylor

artwork credits
Len Irish
David Levine Design

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