Otis Taylor, “Definition of a Circle” (2007)

1. Little Betty
2. Black’s Mandolin Boogie
3. Looking Over Your Fence
4. They Wore Blue
5. Few Feet Away
6. Something in Your Back Pocket
7. My Name is General Jackson
8. Love and Hesitation
9. Majaraja Daughter
10. Long Long Life
11. Mexican Cowboy
12. Lifetime of Freedom

performance credits
Otis Taylor
Josh Kelly
Richard Sharpless
Ben Sollee
Cassie Taylor
Hirome Uehara
Junko Ohashi
Nick Amodeo
Cecilia E. Alvarez
Brian Juan
Se Youn Kwon
Zach Mishkin
Ron Miles
Gary Moore
Charlie Musselwhite
production credits
Matt Sandoski
Chris Wright
David Glasser
Otis Taylor

writing credits
Otis Taylor

artwork credits
Len Irish

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