Otis Taylor, “My World Is Gone” (2013)

1. My World Is Gone
2. Lost My Home
3. Huckleberry Blues
4. Sand Creek Massacre Mourning
5. The Wind Comes In
6. Blue Rain In Africa
7. Never Been to the Reservation
8. Girl Friend’s House
9. Jae Jae Waltz
10. Gangster and Istatoz Chauffer
11. Coming with Crosses
12. Green Apples
13. Sit Across Your Table

performance credits
Todd Edmunds
Anne Harris
Brian Juan
Ron Miles
Mato Nanji
Shawn Starski
Otis Taylor
Larry Thompson

production credits
David Glasser
Gus Skinas
Mike Yach
Jessie Zimmerman

photo credit
O.S. Goff

quotation author
John Echohawk

writing credit
Otis Taylor

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