Tomorrow (July 11 2019) I’ll be taking a deep breath and playing my first ever solo set of all-original music at Louisville Community Park, opening for ZiMbira AfroFusion (I had to google which letters were capitals) at 6:30 sharp.  Why does this terrify me?  Because for over 15 years my entire musical career has been in service to the songs of others – granted, there have been some pretty amazing band leaders, and a deep dive into the art of taking requests is a helluva way to hone the ol’ skills, but iI’ve never had the cocky swagger it takes to put your own tunes up in front of a live audience and risk rejection akin to a hundred secret crushes turning me down for prom.  So terrified am I that I have not posted anything about it until now, less than 24 hours out.  Louisville and Boulder County, I would love to see you there.  To warm you up here’s me performing a song my friend wrote for a band we were in a million years ago.  Yes it’s another cover, but since noone can sing along except for author extraordinaire Jason McDaniel (and possibly Jason Rabineau and Zack Littlefield, and maybe Mikey Thunder and Brian Schwartz) it would never fly at a dueling piano show.  Hope to see you at the park!

For the nerds:

Leslie Studio 12
Korg CX3
Yamaha CP 300
Line 6 DL4
Soundelux U195
Logic X

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