Door Number One

I wrote this song so many bands ago.  Some details stick out:  Chupacabra had had a good run but were on the verge of breaking up and reforming (with fewer members) as Sonar.   All the guys who put this song together with me were from the south so everything they did was bluesy and dirty and they all made fun of me for walking New Jersey fast. And I was desperate to write funky party rockers but I hadn’t kissed a girl in three years and anytime I talked to one it was like:

Girl at show: “Oh I hear you musicians have so many groupies!”


Girl: “Gotta go, bye!”

We played the song in Chupacabra, then we played it and recorded it in Sonar, then I got tired of making $150/week and decided to try being a father instead… and a doctor… then I finished med school and I finished residency and I started being a musician again and I found myself playing in all these great bands but I couldn’t help but wonder if I might ever get back to writing and playing my own stuff… and now here I am, and here it is.

I straight up copied Anthony Farrell’s mini-keyboard rig and thought it would be fun to see if I could demo the Yamaha Refaces by doing this song (those mini keys basically turn your hands into oven mitts, but they sound good and you can fit the entire rig into a carry on WITH YOUR CLOTHES).  

Incidentally, it hurts to breathe, I bruised a rib falling off my kid’s hoverboard 3 days ago (MELT THEM ALL DOWN) but the silver lining was a couple of days to rest and recuperate and finally, here it is, a video of an old but original song, warts and all (mistakes were made and buttons were pressed and couldn’t be unpressed), with more to come.

For the Nerds:

  • Yamaha Reface YC
  • Yamaha Reface CP
  • Line 6 DL4
  • Sennheiser e935
  • Mackie CFX12
  • UA Arrow
  • MBP/Logic 4

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