How Do We Stay The Same


Silver Linings

Today Colorado changes from stay at home to safer at hame, but who wants to go anywhere? I love taking up every corner of this house. The new normal of the past two months has meant that the extroverted epicurean who is on a mission to eat every dish and drink every drink has been supplanted by this guy who makes videos. It’s nice to have the time, and this takes a LOT of time. I still know almost nothing about Final Cut but as you can see I’ve really learned how to overuse the “masking” effect.

Our family eats more meals together than ever. All our offices and classrooms are virtual and my telemedicine command center is in the basement next to my studio. I do more dishes, walk more dogs, fold more laundry, and make more music.

This is my first solo original release… ever. Anyone who adds it to an Apple Music or Spotify playlist or drops 99 cents on it at CDBaby or iTunes or tosses a like my way on YouTube or Facebook will have my eternal gratitude. This is not the same music business I left behind to play covers and raise babies in 2003, it’s not even the same one that replaced me with a mechanical bull prompting a pivot to family medicine in 2007.

How Do We Stay the Same was written by yours truly in November 2019 and recorded in our basement in January 2020. I watched YouTube videos to learn how to mix it and then Jason McDaniel at Electric Audio mastered it.

Robot Revival will be out this year. I can’t wait to share it with everybody:)

Brian Philip Repaso Juan, 27 April 2020

For the nerds:

  • 1946 Hammond BV Organ
  • Leslie 145
  • Wurlitzer Music Laboratory Instructor Console
  • Roland Jupiter 8
  • Minimoog Voyager XL
  • Soundelux U195
  • Grace 101

Special thanks to my costars: my daughter Jade, my wife Rebecca, her ex Tony, and their (our) boys Gavin and Finn, and Lulu the MultiDog.  Socially distanced from the world but not, thankfully, from the household.

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