It’s here!

Rocketing into the tail end of the clusterfuck that is 2020 comes my first solo album, recorded and mixed by me at home in Louisville, Colorado and now streaming everywhere.  There are new songs and old ones I originally wrote and performed back in the day with Chupacabra and Sonar.  There’s one song written by my good friend Jason McDaniel, who played bass in both of those bands and did an amazing job mastering this thing.   Physical media is in the works; I’m a traditionalist so I’m printing CDs which should be ready to double as drink coasters on your coffee table just in time for the holidays:)

Robot Revival was produced during a pandemic while working full time as a family doctor and co-parenting three kids.  It was submitted for digital release while I sweat bullets about the election and moved our family into our new home in Longmont, Colorado.   The great Christian Teele dropped drums onto “How Do We Stay the Same” prompting a short return to the drawing board after its initial release in April of this year.

Thanks are in order for the support of my family, especially my wife Rebecca, who lives in a house with a keyboard museum in the basement and contributed a hypnotic harmonium performance to track 7.

I sincerely hope you get to listen to this and you like it.  I loved making it!  There are no videos (yet).  My stuff is still in boxes and I still don’t know where most of my pants are.  Look for me to not shut up about it when CDs are ready for purchase.

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