up and at em

I don’t know that anyone’s watching, and I certainly have not given anyone a reason to, since the last post on this vanity “blog” was last December, I dunno, anyone? Bueller?

It’s been the pandemic, the pandi, the ‘demi, and I moved and started working at a new clinic and said goodbye to my kiddo who moved to LA to be a movie star and a college student (probably not in that order).

I’ve been itching to play some live music. I got to do some shows with Otis as the world flirted with opening this year, but I haven’t put my songs in front of a crowd since polishing off my debut solo record from the socially distanced depths of my keyboard cave.

I’ve been wondering how to make this happen – no agent, no publicist, no street cred – and then a couple of days ago found a great venue for showing this stuff off!

I’ll be live all by my lonesome at Copper Sky Distillery at 1115 Colorado Ave in my new hometown of Longmont, Colorado on Friday Nov 12 at 6pm, right when you get off work. Come down and check out what I’ve been up to, I’m very excited to share it with everyone 🙂

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