Weightless (Live at Home)

Original music performed live at home on June 5 2022.

This song’s about a fight; what about not so important as what it feels like to be in one. In lieu of the live performance that was cancelled this weekend here it is right on time for my 48th birthday :). It’s all done in one take with no added effects or overdubs, on one keyboard (I’m trying to simplify). I’m pressing lots of buttons with my feet – starting and stopping loops, adding harmony effects, messing with the synth’s filter – which in retrospect might have been cool to show everyone but also, the internet doesn’t need more feet.guaranteed profits

Original music is available for purchase at Bandcamp: https://drbrianjuan.bandcamp.com/rele…

For the nerds: Nord Stage 3 Compact 73 Boss RC-600 Loop Station TC-Helicon Perform-VK Mackie Mix12 FX

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