Retiring the old bio

Remember this? Circa Nov 2020, put together when Robot Revival was released. A new release is coming out on leap day and I’m having another look at what I’m putting out there; I’m ok rebranding a little but I liked this and I felt like it needed to be preserved for posterity.

Self promotion is ballsy. One must have swagger to brag, and self promo is all about swagger. Who cares about your music? Who should care? To answer these questions without swagger is to stare into the abyss and then instead of opening Microsoft Word to write your bio (or Pages, if you’re a Mac guy) you play video games instead.

Brian Juan is a Mac guy.

He has had years of people caring, and then not caring, about his music. He spent the 90s playing in vans with bands traveling from coast to coast, earning just enough money to quit his day job and hanging out with like minded hopefuls checking out live music in dark clubs night after night. He has put out albums before but never his own.

Robot Revival is Brian Juan’s first solo release. It spins into the clusterfuck of 2020 with as much fanfare as one man with no agent and no publicist can muster. Recorded at home, it consists of new songs and material originally brought to life at the dawn of the millennium by likely forgotten once-bright Boulder luminaries Chupacabra and Sonar.

When music venues reopen you might catch Dr. Juan on stage with Otis Taylor, with whom he has recorded and performed for 20 years. In the meantime he is a family doctor in primary care who is elbows deep in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Enjoy the record!

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